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Privacy policy

In Barcelona Medical Center we aware of the value that privacy has for you. Therefore, we only ask for some personal data (like your name or e-mail) when it is strictly necessary to provide you the information, products or services that you request from us or to get in touch with you. In this case we will inform you that we will save this data and the purpose of this gathering before you send it to us.

You are not obliged to provide to us all the data that we ask for you; only strictly indispensable to be able to provide to you the information you asked for or to get in touch with you. We mark them with the asterisk (*) and in no case the fact that  you do not provide the data that is not obligatory does not mean that you will receive the service of lower quality.

The personal data that you provide to us will be kept in one or several data bases that will allow us to automatically manage them and therefore to have a better flexibility at the time of providing our services. Depending on the type of data that they contain, the data bases are registered with their corresponding protection level in the Data Protection Agency.

If you have provided to us the personal data at any moment, when you want you are entitled to use the rights to disagree, to access, to modify and to cancel established by Data Protection Law by writing to use to the following e-mail: or by mail to

Barcelona centre Médic

Tel. +34 93 414 06 43

Fax. +34 93 414 04 57

C/ Escoles Pies, 81, 1ª planta 08017 Barcelona (Barcelona , España )

Data assignment to other companies

If to provide to you the information, products or services that you requested we would have to contact other companies (postal services or any courier or transport companies, for example), they will be provided with strictly indispensable information for them to be able to do their task and it is prohibited for them to use this information with any other purpose.

Computer identification. Cookies.

For the web page to function in an optimum manner, sometimes it is necessary to obtain different information about the computer that accesses it or to identify it. For example, to be able to count the number of visits to the web page, to know what type of browser is used by each user or to avoid that the user has to select the language in which he/she wishes to see the web page every time he/she accesses it. In no case this identification  provides us the personal information about you or permits us to know the contents of your computer. For the above mentioned identification there are text data bases that are usually used called “cookies” that are temporary stored in your computer. They are totally harmful and have a very small size. The web page consults “cookies” automatically when you access it and thanks to them you can see the content in the language that you chose before, offer you the specific content depending on the previous choices, allow you the access to limited zones or to save the products that you have selected if there is a purchase system with a “cart” or “basket” among other many possible functions.

You can configure your Internet browser

not to accept the cookies, but in this case it is possible that you won't be able to use all the functions that the web page offers

Updating this declaration

It is possible that at any moment we would need to make changes to our Privacy Policy to adapt it to the law valid in each moment. Therefore, we recommend you to access this page every time that you are about to send your personal data to us.