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How to get an appointment?

From the home page of the web, clicking the balloon “Ask for Appointment” you will be able to ask for an appointment in any of our centers or with any of our doctors. Our patient managers will advise you, will choose the time for your appointment or treatment and any other need that you might have during your stay in our city.

You can also ask for appointment in any of our associated centers clicking on the corresponding button.

When will I get the answer?

Depending on your request you will get the answer in 24-48 hours after submitting it. If you need the answer urgently, please indicate it in the text of your message.  

Will I get the budget?

In Barcelona Medical Center we always provide the approximate budget when we are requested to do so. The amount will depend on the complexity of the treatment and the additional services that need to be provided.

If during your treatment there will be any extraordinary circumstances different to the ones expected in the program,  BCM hospitals and clinics will inform you about the possible changes.

How many days will I have to stay in Barcelona?

Your stay in Barcelona will depend on many factors. If the treatment is outpatient or it is a consultation, it will be probably sufficient to stay 48 hours in our city. In other cases you will be informed when we know the treatment that you will undergo and the test you will need to have. In any case, our patient managers will be permanently in contact with you to answer all of your questions.

What steps do I need to take to get a visa?

It is very important to check the validity of your passport!!! It shall have the validity of at least 90 days to travel to Barcelona.

For the patients that need to obtain the visa it is necessary to take into account the fact that the Spanish Consulate does not issue “medical visas”. Although the trip will be for medical treatment, the visa that is issued shall be tourist. The best way to obtain the visa is to present the documents for the tourist trip with the flight and hotel reservations.

When the patient goes directly from the airport to the hospital, it is necessary to present the invitation from the hospital to the Consulate. It is also required for the patients that come for long term treatments or treatments without a fixed term.

In Barcelona Medical Center we help with all procedures that you need to complete. We can send the invitation directly to the Spanish Consulate in your country  for you to able to apply for a visa. If you need more information, you can check:

Do I have to prepay the appointment?

In the majority of cases you can pay for the appointment when it is happening. In case of longer treatment or with more tests, it is possible that you will be asked to prepay a part of the budget. In any case, our patient managers will be constantly in contact with you to answer all of your questions

Do I have to pay for the operation before I travel?

The majority of operations is planned in advance and related to a budget. It is possible that in some of these cases you will be asked to prepay a part of the budget through a bank transfer. In any case,  our patient managers will be constantly in contact with you to answer all of your questions

Will somebody speak my language?

In Barcelona Medical we have personnel that speak English, Russian, French  and Spanish. If you need any other language, we will provide a translator for your consultation or your stay in our hospitals and clinics.

Will I have a report in my language?

The reports from hospitals and clinics in Barcelona are usually done in Spanish. In Barcelona Medical Center we can provide the translation services in the language that you need. You only need to request it in the form asking for the appointment or to our patient manager.

Are there any hotels close to the hospital?

In Barcelona there are a lot of hotels and apartments of all levels and very high quality. From BCM we will help you to find the best accommodation for you and your family if you need our help. Our patient managers will advise you and will help you to book your stay in a hotel or an apartment.

Is the hospital close to the center of the city?

The city public transport in Barcelona is one of the best in Europe. You will be able to move in a bus or in metro to any point in the city. There are some passes for these trips depending on your needs. If you need to, you can easily find a taxi on the street and usually outside of the medical center, and if you ask the patient manager, you will be provided with the specific numbers to call them from the hospital and the hotel where you are staying.

BCM can organzine if you need to the transport from the airport to your destination point and including your personal driver that speaks your language for the whole duration of your stay.