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Executive Board

BCM’s executive board

  • Constituted in June 2008, gathers leading companies from the most diversified economic sectors, who share the purpose in collaborating to internationally promote the city of Barcelona as a global reference point for medicine.
  • Each one of the companies that form part of BCM’s executive board occupies distinguished positions in their respective areas of expertise, and carries out significant International activity
  • There are three levels of sponsorship for members of the executive board: main sponsors, sponsors and collaborators.
  • The presence of these companies in its executive board reinforces BCM’s integration in the Spanish social society and strengthens its unique model as main supplier of private health and medical care in Europe.

The following sectors will sign present in the executive board meeting chaired by the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona :

Pharmaceutical industry: Esteve, Ferrer, Grupo Uriach Pharma, Bayer HealthCare, Leti

Editorial groups: Grupo Godó, Grupo Zeta.

Hotel sector: Husa Hotels, Roc Blanc Hotels, ABaC Restaurant & Hotel, Le Meridien Ra, Guitart Hotels Monterrey, Hotel Colon Thalasso Termal, Lugaris.

Companies and services: GD&A Business Brokers, Grupo Soteras, Blai Limousines, MRW.

Technology: Indra, AGFA Graphics, AGFA HealtCare.

Financial sector: la Caixa