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In Sagrada Familia Clinic we offer the personalized attention and family comfort to make pregnancy and labour the unique and intimate experience. More than 1500 women a year choose our center to bring their children to the world (1047 natural births and 642 Caesarean sections).

The clinic has 3 labour wards and an operating room fully equipped to conduct Caesarean section.

Nursery service has 42 cribs for newborns and 4 thermal cribs, one of them equipped with a respirator and other three with phototherapy, in addition to 5 incubators with oxygen therapy.

Our expert infirmary personnel will assist you and will give you recommendations during your stay in regard to the care that need to be taken during the first days of baby's life.

Medical team: Dr. J. Barguño; Dr. J. Comas; Dr. J. Mas; Dr. X. Miracle


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