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Assisted reproduction treatments

ARTIFICIAL INSEMENATION: placing a previously prepared semen sample into the interior of woman's uterus

IN VITRO FERTILIZATION: the combination of the egg and the spermatozoid in the lab – in vitro with the purpose to obtain the number of embryos to be transferred into the mother's uterus

OVODONATION: the process used for the donor to hand over her eggs that together with spermatozoids will be transferred to the receptor to fulfill its desire to be a mother

FERTILITY PRESERVATION: a treatment using the techniques for eggs vitrification or freezing egg skin that permits postponing the maternity to thos women that need it for medical or personal reasons

In IVI we have the most modern tests like  DGP, TCG 549 or  Nace and Nace Plus to achieve that the children get born without any hereditary diseases. IVI clinics in Barcelona besides has the units for psychological support, outpatient surgeries, male health, mother and fetus medicine, mother and genetic unit.

Besides, we have our own bank of egg and semen donors

Assisted reproduction treatments

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