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3D mammography

The most modern technology to take care of the woman 

In Sagrada Familia Clinic we have the most modern technology to diagnose the breast cancer: mammography using tomosynthesis with synthesized image (3D) that is currently unique.

New system to get the image by millimeter for much more precise diagnostics

Mammography by tomosynthesis is the most modern methodology that by getting 15 breast projections  from various angles – and not only one projection as in traditional methodology – allows analyzing breast millimeter by millimeter. This is the way to ensure a more reliable and precise diagnostics without the need to conduct the repeated study.

"New methodology pioneer in Barcelona for early breast cancer detection."

Creates a 3D image of the whole breast with the shorter exposure time

This system covers the whole breast y creates a 3D image, within the shorter exposure time and with  the lower radiation dose, to detect including the smallest tumors in all types of breast.

Early detection of breast cancer and other pathologies A new methodology detects much earlier the breast cancer and other pathologies. Thus, the treatment starts earlier and the success rate is higher.

A less painful procedure   During mammography by tomosynthesis the compression blades do not press on the breast and therefore the study is less painful.

A lower radiation doseMammography by tomosynthesis emits lower radiation levels compared to the conventional system. Thus, the negative impact is reduced.

A medical female team to  treat women   For your comfort and calm, in Sagrada Familia Clinic the personnel conducting mammography studies is all female.

"Studies show 53% increase in detected breast cancer cases thanks to the use of tomosynthesis that are not visible when using the conventional mammpgraphy"*

* Comparative anticipated studies, The Lancet, April 25th, 2013.

3D mammography

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