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No definido

I was suffering for allergic conjunctivitis  for 17 years and my sights was decreasing . It hurt to do almost anything seeing was the worst. I needed medicine just to  manage on a daily basis.

I visited so many hospitals in Oman and outside Oman but no any benefits  I could not help myself .  My faith was very strong to Allah  and said Allah (GOD)  you are the one who gave me this eyes and grace of you  I will get treatment.

Called  the Embassy of Spain in Oman and gave me three hospitals  but only Barraquer hospital replied they will study my case  after 10 days will reply to me as the case was very  complicated, after  10 days sent me an e-mail that I can go to Barraquer Centro de Oftalmologia (BCM).

Encouraged me to embark on this fruitful journey my family and friends.

Reached Barcelona met with DR. JOSE L. RIQUELME on August 8,2005. Khadija we are working as a team here (DR. RAFAEL I. BARRAQUER , DR. JOSE L. RIQUELME, DR. ANDRES PICO and DR. PEDRO BARRAT) we will help you 99% and 1% big is from GOD, we will start treatment of  allergic conjunctivitis  for six months . To surprise of many within six months treatment of allergies  all disappear.

I was very surprise no matter of the religion all of us we believe in one GOD,  My fears were alleviated.  Everyone on the doctors staff was  professional and efficient, they made me feel at ease in a stressful situation. I felt that I made a good choice for barraquer and, as a group , each of staff members cared for me and wanted to help me get better.  I started feeling the difference.

On February 8,2006 I have been operated of myopic fotoqueratomilieuses  both eyes  with DR. RAFAEL I. BARRAQUER with his team plus one nurse. My operation was successful thanks  Allah I can see  normal after my operation.

Almost every year I had to return. What a great feeling it was to have the same staff there, still caring for patients even on September 2016 I have been there with my husband.  I was treated with dignity and kindness at the Barraquer Centro de Oftalmologia (BCM).  The doctors and staff are A+.

Today worries is not in my life dictionary, I sleep peacefully and feel very healthy, comfortable.