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Excellent deal, very competent professionals.

Alejandro Palomas

My experience in Centro Medicoquirúrgico ServiDigest (BCM) has been really a long term process. It was a recommendation of someone who knew it well and I decided to stay for several reasons.

The first is the human factor, not only of the medical team, but the team as a whole: there was never any problem and always a solution, and this is a factor that we, the patients value more than anything when we seek medical help. From the beginning in Centro Medicoquirúrgico ServiDigest (BCM) everything was easy: the management approach, consultations, etc. ...

The second reason that made me stay is the empathy of the two professionals that treated me: the Doctor de Ribot and the Doctor Goçalves . Always with a smile, always having time to clear up doubts, I never had the feeling  they to be in a hurry to attend the next patient.

Overall, human attention. In Centro Medicoquirúrgico ServiDigest (BCM) you have the feeling of care, that what happens to you is important for those who care you, and that makes really the difference because it gives you confidence so that, whatever happens, there is someone on the other side watching over you. I know it may be the obvious, but the obvious is, in most cases, what matters and sometimes you only appreciate when you do not have it.

Centro Medicoquirúrgico ServiDigest (BCM) is excellent deal, very competent professionals who not only are but also make you feel that they are, trust, a dynamic that goes beyond a simple medical facility to use (cultural magazine , club center, conceptual modernity) ... all this is what I found in Centro Medicoquirúrgico ServiDigest  (BCM). And that's why in digestive this centre is my focal point.