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The first bionic eye (Ophthalmology center barraquer)

The first bionic eye has successfully been implanted.

Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre, leader in Spain in the development of artificial vision, has successfully been implanted the first bionic eye in a patient with Usher syndrome which means deaf and blind. It is the first patient who receives this implant in Europe and the second in the world, who is only capable of communicate with a signs language interpreter. The second implant will lighten the waiting-list generated by the success of the first intervention, realized in The Center of Ophthalmology Barraquer in the year 2014

The surgery lasted four hours and was performed by Dr. Jeroni Nadal, deputy coordinator of the department of vitreous and retina of the centre, and one of the few surgeons in Spain authorized to do this surgery.

A team of Imex, and another of Second Sight have overseen the surgery. On Thursday December 17, the second implant is to be performed.

Again the Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre is among the pioneers in the world for the treatment of diseases related to vision.

The system of prosthesis of retina Argus II, fully developed by the American company Second Sight, also known as "bionic eye" or "retina implant", has the goal to provide electrical retina stimulation to increase the visual perception in blind persons. A micro chamber located at the glasses of the patient captures the images and these are sent to a small computer that the patient carries, those images are processed and transformed in instructions, then transmitted through wireless to the antenna of the retina implant. Those signals stimulate the healthy cells that stay in the retina and send the information to the brain across the optical nerve to create the perception of light patterns, which the patients learn to interpret.

The first bionic eye (Ophthalmology center barraquer)

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